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Everything on this site is my opinion unless otherwise specified. My opinion  — meaning you might not agree. That’s fine. This is my blog so I can say what I want to say about whatever I feel like.  Here’s what I believe:  No one is required to believe, choose or act in any way other than he or she wills. No one else is responsible for the beliefs, choices or actions any human takes but that human alone. 

The content of this blog is not to be considered legal, medical, magical, or any other kind of advice. What you read here is not in any way intended to be a substitute for professional advice of any kind. Read at your own risk. 

My opinions evolve over time as I learn and experience new things. Early information and opinions I have expressed may not reflect current opinions. That’s just normal human nature. The alternative to growth and change is death. I’m not there yet.


I am the legal copyright holder of all the materials on this blog unless otherwise noted. This means you can’t publish or reprint my blog content without my written consent.


Comments that are rude, spam, or porn, that include religious or political ranting, anything involving animal or human abuse, or whatever else bothers me, will not be approved. Given that this is my blog, I reserve the right to not publish your comments. I also reserve the right to delete them after they’ve been published.


I will not sell any personal or contact information I receive on my blog to another company. However, since any comments a reader makes that I approve are public and can be seen by others, the content of comments is the responsibility of the person who submits the comment.


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