So here’s the thing.  I am interested in a lot of stuff.  I do a lot of stuff.  So what, exactly, would I say about me that would be useful to you?  Heck if I know.  So here’s stuff about me,  in no particular order.

Okay, first thing you should know about me is that I’m a hermit.  I like my privacy.  I live way out back in New Mexico, off the grid.  I like the challenges of my primitive (relatively speaking… after all, I’ve got internet access) lifestyle.

I’ve hiked all my life.  I love hiking.  I don’t need a trail.  I’m one of those people who can’t get lost.  I might not know exactly where I am at a given moment but I can always find my way to where I need to go.  Hiking is a form of meditation for me.

I used to be an Arabian horse breeder.  I trained my own horses, did some endurance races and a lot of trail miles.  I might get back on my horses again someday because I loved riding and I love my horses.

I’ve always been into all kinds of art.  I didn’t just want to fool around with art — I wanted to be an artist.  So I went to art school.  That didn’t work out.  So then I decided to become a philosophy major.  That morphed into graduate school in linguistics.  But I didn’t want to study language, I wanted to use language.  So dropped out and did the horse business (because that’s such a logical progression).  And I wrote.

For a while I was a non-fiction writer-for-hire.  I wrote articles for horse publications, was a (prize winning!) news reporter for a regional weekly, and did a lot of writing work for local governments and businesses.

I taught myself how to program back in the early days of computers.  I developed a bunch of websites for people, but ugh, I do not like maintaining them.  So I don’t do that anymore.

Music.  I love music.  I started out with classical (played in an orchestra for a while, taught myself guitar, now mess with a tenor uke and my kalimba – 10 key thumb piano), moved on to Motown and blues, and then discovered rock music and that’s all she wrote.  Jimmy Page.  End of story.

I started writing about music and magic, because the creative act is a kind of magic.  I also blog about my homesteading/thrivalist lifestyle this blog plus my old blogger account), and about whatever else appeals to me, often on Facebook  But while I enjoy blogging, what I really always wanted to do was write fiction.  I have lots of heroes, but the biggies are fiction authors.  So you see where this has gone.

I do creative acts.  It’s all magic.

If you’d like to support an artist/writer (me), that would be cool.  I had a Patreon account but now they’ve wrecked that, so here’s an alternative.  I’ll put you on my subscriber list and keep you updated via email about what’s going on with my art and my writing.  If there’s anything I’ll be offering (artwork or books or whatever) I’ll let my subscribers know first.  Sometimes I might just send you a little thing with my thoughts just because I appreciate what you’re doing for me.  Thank you!

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