Book report: MY BOOK! COMING SOON!

I’m thrilled to get to report to the world that I’m this close to publishing!  Yes, at long last my crime (or is it a mystery? or is there a difference?) novel, the one that started with a different name over ten years ago and which now barely resembles that first draft, is going to print!  Soon!  

It’s called Dark Green.  It started out as Written Off.  The new name is more appropriate for the revised revision of the revision that it started out to be, because it involves the dark side of what sounded like such a good idea.  

I have a couple weeks before I have to finalize the cover.  These are some of the choices.  I guess you can tell from some that there are wolves involved.  

Dark Green cover option 6 – trees, stars

Dark Green cover option 5 – wolf head

Dark Green cover option 3 – Jessie silhouette

Dark Green cover option 4 – wolf in forest

Dark Green cover option 2 – open road

Dark Green cover option 1 – sunset fence

Dark Green cover option 7 – wolf in forest

Dark Green cover option 8 – wolf eyes


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2 Responses to Book report: MY BOOK! COMING SOON!

  1. Dede Lifgren says:

    SO excited for you! Can’t wait to hold and read my own copy of Dark Green !!!!!!

  2. robert lifgren says:

    option #8

    catches and holds my attention

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