Book review: The Panacea Project, by Catherine Devore Johnson

The Panacea ProjectThe Panacea Project by Catherine Devore Johnson
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The Hippocratic Oath ain’t what it used to be. Or maybe it never was what we thought it was. I think most of us have experienced enough interaction with the medical profession (and insurance companies) to realize that health care has become such big business that a medical professional who lives up to the spirit of that oath is a rare treasure.

So what happens if suddenly there is a cure for a killer disease, a panacea that doesn’t just treat people who get sick but maybe a vaccine to make it so that they can never even get sick? What happens to hospitals’ and drug companies’ bottom lines when nobody gets sick anymore? What happens when one person gets to control who can benefit from a panacea, and how much it will cost?

The Panacea Project is a compelling medical thriller that pits noble sacrifice against obsessive greed. It is also the story of a hero: Calla Hammond’s body cures cancers that appear in her body. She’s willing to undergo invasive procedures that might isolate what her immune system is doing, with the aim of coming up with a cure or even a preventative that could be provided for everyone.

But of course it’s not so simple. While there those who want the best for the world but also live by the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, there are others who only see the potential for wealth. And there are some who don’t care what cost there is to Calla Hammond to get what they want.

This is a book everyone should read and think about. As they say, follow the money. What’s your health issue, and why isn’t there a panacea for it in spite of all the breakthroughs that are announced?

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