Wildlife worker exposes truth about rotted Mexican wolf program

Dexter K Oliver reveals some shocking truths about the Mexican wolf program in a recent editorial,¬†Wolves Behind The Scene.¬† He exposes the rotten program as “a complete breach of public trust and scientific rigor”.¬† Over 21 years time the program has sucked up tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Oliver,… Continue reading

Wild vs prescribed: Your lungs don’t care

Here in the Southwest¬†we usually have very low humidity, which means our air is extraordinarily clear.¬† Being able to see mountains 50 and more miles away is common.¬† This also means that visibility can be used to¬†assess air quality by anyone, as long as you have an idea how far… Continue reading

Grand Canyon Countdown

In just under seven weeks I’ll be leaving for Grand Canyon.¬† ¬†That means one month and seventeen days to prepare.¬† It means forty-eight days.¬† Not that I’m counting. Yesterday my friend Laura — who’ll be doing the Canyon with me¬† — and I repeated a hike from the week before.¬†… Continue reading