Eve of chaos

So this afternoon I accidentally soaked my pack and everything in it.  Later I had problems with my cell phone and finally gave up in frustration (WHY does Apple have to make everything so complicated?  Please stop asking for my !@#$%! ID every time I want to do anything!).  Then I spilled my dinner all over the table.

Full eclipse would be awesome to stay up for but it’s overcast and supposed to snow tonight.

Here I am in the room, just 12 hours before I want to be packed and on my way to chow down before heading out.  Yes, lots of things have gone wrong at the last minute but hey, that’s on schedule.  That’s how it was with endurance racing, when the night before I always despaired that I could even saddle up much less get on and ride 50 or 100 miles.  And yet morning would come, I’d tack up and get on my horse’s back and head out anyway.

So that’s the way it’ll be tomorrow, come rain, snow, sun, wind, damp gear, forgotten stuff, or not.  I’m not headed for Mars, after all, just the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Laura was singing happy birthday to my sister Dede. Honest.

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