evolution device

Evolution Device front coverEvolution Device: a novel about music and the power that is magic. 

Eddie Edmunds is a rock god who fears his power  
Lily Torres is a muse who’s losing her power   
The Lady is a guitar with power of her own  
Evolution Device is a rock band shooting to fame 
The price is that being the best of the best is never enough

Evolution Device is the story of rock guitarist Eddie Edmunds in the golden age of classic rock.  His muse, Lily, is an entity of pure energy drawn into physical existence by what some might call magic.  Eddie sure doesn’t call it that, and he’s the one who did it. 

Lily’s job as a muse is to channel the energies of pure power to Eddie in the form of music.  She has no free will, since she’s a part of Eddie’s soul, but she knows all too well that the energies Eddie flirts with can destroy him if he doesn’t learn to control them.  Before her power fades forever she needs to convince Eddie that if he doesn’t face the music and if he can’t master the guitar that would master him, all the drugs in the world won’t shield him from the danger of uncontrolled magic. 

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“We need a new name,” Eddie interrupted. “We can’t use the name from before. We need a name that is us.” He looked at Gene. “You’ve been good with names for songs. What about the band?”

Gene shook his head.

“What about you, Suzy?” Eddie asked.

“The stuff we’ve worked up — it’s different,” she said. “It’s not quite… it’s not like we’ve invented something entirely new, but we’ve taken what was and made it something else.”

Laurel nodded. “It feels to me like the music has grown naturally this way, like it evolved.”

“Evolution has a nice ring to it,” Erik said on his way to the beer chest. He popped the cap off a bottle and offered it to Laurel before grabbing one for himself.

“I like it,” Eddie said. “But I’m not sure… does that one word say it all?” Suzy sat back, her eyes closed, listening to some inner music of her own as she sipped from her flask.

“What is the band, really?” I whispered into Eddie’s mind again. “In the big picture, in your heart and soul, what is it for?”

“I don’t know,” Eddie said out loud, unwittingly responding to me. “In my heart, what I hear is something more than just different music. Something bigger, something more. The name should convey something….” He waved his fingers in the air. Music was his way of communicating, not speech.

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