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      This is a forum for the people affected by the proposed NextEra/Borderlands LLC wind farm project on BLM, state, and private land around Red Hill, NM. About me -- Lif Strand I am not affiliated with BLM or NextEra.  The forum topics posted here are my opinion, not legal information, however my opinion is not based on hot air. I’ve worked as a writer-for-hire since around 2000.  I started out as a reporter for the Socorro El Defensor Chieftain.  My work there led to over a dozen years as an independent contractor for other researchers as well as for local governments, non-profits, and businesses involved with natural resource use. My work involved research and analysis of federal resource management agency (e.g. USFS, BLM, FWS) policies, proposals, and decisions, and drafting of comments for my clients -- comments like those for the proposed Red Hill wind farm.  My focus in this work has always been on making sure that  local land users and local government are fairly and fully represented, as is required by NEPA.  After all, federal agencies manage resources that are held in public trust for us.  Agency policies and decisions about management of water/watershed, wildlife, rangeland, forestry, and wildfire have an impact on residents, property owners, and businesses -- not just the resources themselves. I have more or less retired from the research/analysis work so that I could write fiction.  You know, murder mysteries, dragon fantasies, magic and mayhem, that sort of thing.  Sometimes, though, it feels like truth is stranger than fiction.
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       Lif Strand

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