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      Unfortunately BLM, in not bothering to have a proper scoping meeting, also deprived the public of any instruction on how to submit comments.  Hopefully the info I’m providing here will fill that gap.  You can, if you want, email your comments to Jim Stobaugh (Project lead, WO NEPA Support Team- Reno, NV) or Virginia Alguire (Realty Specialist, Socorro Field Office) of BLM, but the most direct way is to use the ePlanning site.  Either way, be sure you get a Submission ID # for your comment!  If you email to Mr. Stobaugh or Ms. Alguire, be sure to ask for that ID # because that’s the only way you know for sure that your comment becomes part of the official Administrative Record for the project.

      • Write your comments out in full using Word or Notepad or whatever works for you.  You can use the format that I use or any format you want, just be sure that it makes sense and that you clearly state the issue/concern you have, and how you want BLM to address that concern.
      • Save your comments with a filename that includes your name & Borderlands’.  Or anything that will be easy for you to identify when you look for it again.  Of course, save it to a folder that you can find again, too!
      • If your comments are relatively brief, then you can paste them directly into the ePlanning form.
      • If your comments are multi-paged, then you can write a cover comment directly in the form and attach your comments document.

      So let’s get going.

        1. Start by going to BLM’s project page.  Here’s the link in case you find it easier to copy/paste from the full URL:   Below is a screenshot of what you’ll see.
        2. Click on the box I’ve circled, “Comment on Document”.screenshot - blm submission form
        3. A pop-up box appears with the submission form.  You can see I filled in the title to my comment (circled).  In this case, my comment is actually a copy of a letter I sent to the Catron County Commission.  You can also see in the box that I provided a summary of my comments in that letter.
          If your comments aren’t as long as my letter is, then you can copy and paste them all in the box instead of attaching anything.
          But if your comments are long, then you can attach them.  Scroll down a bit in the pop-up box and you’ll see a button “Choose File”.  Click on that and then find your file and attach it.  When your file has been successfully attached you’ll see it’s title (or part of the title) next to the “Choose File” box.
          Then click on the “Next” button in the lower right corner.
          screenshot #2
        4. What you see next is the Name/address window.  Note that you only have to fill in the boxes with the red stars.  You can fill out more if you want of course.  Then click on “Next” in the lower right corner.Screenshot #3
        5. The Review Submission window is displayed.  Check over your info.  If it’s all correct, then click on the appropriate Disclaimers and Agreements responses (circled) and then on “Submit” in the lower right corner.Screenshot #4


      1. What you next see is very important!  This is the screen with your Submission ID #.  Make sure you download and/or print it!Screenshot #5
      2. If you have any problems with this, please contact me.  Just make sure you submit by close of business, December 10 2018!
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