Good Fences


old fence, (c) 2021 Lif StrandThey say good fences make good neighbors. That might be so, but here’s a fence that stands alone, not between me and anything. 

It’s not a particularly “good” fence, in that it’s not all spiffy, not something that zoning regulations would approve of.

It’s a fence that’s no better than it should be.

This is an ongoing project kind of fence. Some parts of it could be close to a hundred years old now. Some repairs are new as from this past spring.

It’s a fence that does the job.

I admire the fence for the job it does and for its aesthetic value. I admire the ranchers who own the cattle pen and who know the value of keeping up a good fence. 

This fence is not between me and the ranchers.  It’s a fence that ties us together. 

This, my friends, is a really good fence.

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