How to self-publish

Yesterday I attended a writing workshop given by author Stephen F Havill, who not only knows a heck of a lot about writing, but also knows about lots of other cool stuff, like flying, gunsmithing, gardening, water systems, and automotive restoration (not to mention various methods of killing people and non-lethal stuff like musical prodigies, astronomy theme parks, and Mexican food).  He’s a handy guy to have as a friend and writing mentor, and I’m lucky to get to be one of his two roadies as well as being one of three first-readers for his long-running police procedural Posadas County series

That’s why I was honored when Steve asked me to give a half-hour presentation at the workshop on self-publishing. Trust me, I didn’t give it more than a half-second of thought before I said I would!

I put together a handout that I was planning on following but instead I ended up winging it.  I didn’t see anyone yawning, so that was good.  I guess I covered everything, plus I threw in some of my writing history and used three of my own books as examples (hey, captive audience!  a writer’s got to do promo at every opportunity!).  The 18 page handout includes a current (as of August 2022) list of various self-publication platforms, and half of it is screen shots of how to fill out the KDP form if you’re going that route.  I’ll eventually flesh it out but for now I’ve put it on Google Drive.  You’re free to download it.

You can also get all 25 of Steve’s Posadas County series on Amazon in print or digital format.  They’re kind of like potato chips — you can’t just have one!


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