It’s bread again

It’s cold outside. The sky’s grey with a frigid wind that cuts through layers of clothing. The half an inch of snow from last night isn’t melting.  But it’s all good.  I’ve got lots of wood stacked up on the porch where I can easily grab another log, and I’m keeping the house toasty warm. 

The combination of all the above somehow results in a renewed desire to cook — specifically food stuff that involves heat and time as opposed to my summer fare of salad, salad, and more salad.  And that makes it bread time again.

Yesterday I baked my first loaf of the season. Look at that photo, will you! That’s some nice looking bread! 

But oh please. It’s so bleh.  🙁

To be fair, I used a newish recipe (always risky). It promised to be easy to make and it was easy to make. I’m not sharing the recipe because aside from a few minor differences it’s the basic Lahey no-knead recipe that everyone has posted everywhere with their own personal tweaks.  Also, I’ve managed to lose the recipe link already. I don’t need to hunt it down because while the recipe makes nice looking bread, why would I want to bake another loaf of extraordinarily boring bread. 

But I’m not discouraged. The weather’s not going to turn warm for months and months, and this is just the first of many loaves.  Plus, the dogs and horses are in favor of my bread failures (for the most part — in the past there have been a few hockey pucks that are just too hard for anybody to want to deal with). 

Meanwhile, I’m hearing the siren call of sourdough… and so this blog post is fair warning:

My annual quest for a truly sour, easy to make no-knead, tasty bread has begun!

Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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