November is a word for BUSY

Autumn’s my favorite time of year, but only if I’m outside enjoying it. I try to haul myself away from the computer but things just pile up. November is NaNoWriMo and I’m way behind this year. Had a time-out for a week due to eye issues. It was scheduled, but darn, November? Of course nowadays if you get any appointment at all, you don’t change it because the time’s inconvenient.

Veterinary and farrier appointments, wood deliveries, manure removal – the usual stuff there. But then there’s additionally dehydrating the last of the garden veggies, getting boxes in the mail early, prepping for Thanksgiving — it all consumes time. It’s all good, but not a lot of plain old me-time going on. Even so, there’s always a moment to spare for appreciating a good sunset. This is from last night.

November sunset

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