What I’m reading

What I’m working on
(I like to have several books going at the same time):

Goodnight L.A., by Kent Hartman.
“The rise and fall of classic rock — the untold story from inside the legendary recording studios.”
Fat Chance, by Gilbert Klein
” We Were the Last Gasp of the 60s and the Birth of Americana Music But Was America Ready For Us?”
Urban Enemies, by Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, et. al.
“Stories from the villains of your favorite urban fantasy series”
Play It Loud, by Brad Tolinski & Alan Di Perna
“An Epic History of the Style, Sound, and Revolution of the Electric Guitar”

What I just finished:
(Rated on a scale of 0 – 10, where 0=horrible)

An Obvious Fact, by Craig Johnson (2016)
Rating: 8 A fun book, though Johnson’s characters are becoming caricatures of themselves

The Practice Effect, by David Brin (1984)
Rating: 5  An okay book that started out well but with a predictable ending.


In the immediate queue:

Sound, by Bella Bathurst
The Path, by Peter Riva
Teresa of the New World, by Sharman Apt Russell
High Tide in Tucson, by Barbara Kingsolver
Loving Pedro Infante, by Denise Chavez
The Shipping News, be Annie Proulx
Damnificados, by JJ Amaworo Wilson
The Western Star, by Craig Johnson

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