Wildlife worker exposes truth about rotted Mexican wolf program

Dexter K Oliver reveals some shocking truths about the Mexican wolf program in a recent editorial, Wolves Behind The Scene.  He exposes the rotten program as “a complete breach of public trust and scientific rigor”.  Over 21 years time the program has sucked up tens of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Oliver, a wildlife naturalist, works with federal and state agencies and organizations.  He trained for four days in a Mexican wolf inter-agency team training session while working for the San Carlos Apache Tribe’s wildlife division.  Oliver witnessed the  program’s inner machinations first hand.   He got an eye-opening, behind the scenes look at how Mexican wolves are handled.  He saw the wolves being treated like pet dogs even though the program is supposed to be preparing them to be released to the wild.

Wolves kill anything they can eat.  Unsurprisingly, in the first ninety days of 2019 forty-five domestic animals were taken down by wolves.  That’s an average of one dog or cat, calf or horse, or other not-wild animal every other day.  Federal agencies say it will take 25-35 years — and more than $178 million — to save Mexican wolves.

As Oliver says, “something smells, for sure”.

NOTE:  Sorry for the clickbait-type of headline and writing.  But the Mexican wolf program really is a farce.

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